Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Designing the perfect nursery room

One of my favorite shows nowadays is Modern Family and it just cracks me up. Whenever I come home from work and I need to chill out, watching an episode or two does the trick. There is a gay couple there who has adopted an asian baby named Lily. Writing this post made me think about that first episode where they first took her home to her very own room and sure enough, there’s a touch of the gay dads in the room. It looked like this...


Sans the mural on the left wall, this nursery room looked really cozy and pretty in pink. If I would design my own nursery room, I’d go something along this lines too with a bit of tweaking. However, before you get caught with decorating the room with all the cute stuff and decor patterns you can find, remember that the most important thing to consider is the baby’s comfort.

There’s a lot of science devoted to the toys that are especially for newborns but let’s face it, babies can’t really tell you in words when they are uncomfortable. They’ll just cry a lot, leaving you guessing what it could be. Since baby will be spending most of his/her in the crib, it is best to purchase the best mattress possible.

Do your research. One thing you would probably like to look into are organic crib mattress reviews. Since the world of design and fashion are leaning towards a greener perspective, this might be a good idea. What are the advantages of an organic crib mattress?

  • Since it’s organic, you’re sure that it has not been exposed to toxins or chemicals.
  • They are stain, water and microbe resistant.
  • They lower the risk of SIDS-related death which is every mom’s nightmare.

While doing your research you might also stumble upon the standards for crib mattresses. I know this may be a deviation from what you’re traditionally accustomed to but I think that it’s time that homeowners should also get involved in finding out what new trends are out there for the home.

Going back to your nursery design, make sure there’s ample storage for toys, diaper changes and clothes. Keep them organized as much as possible. Make it a good place for you to relax in too and you won’t be able to if there’s so much clutter. Keep the patterns at a minimum too because not only are they very distracting but it might make the baby too restless.

Here’s a picture of a nursery room that I like too. See that it’s very gender-neutral and the patterns are at a minimum with organized storage options. Again, baby’s comfort first. Invest on a really good mattress then the design could follow.


picture source: www.housetohome.co.uk

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Postage Stamp Rugs

Now here’s a novel idea, a lovely postage stamp pattern for a rug. The rugs are brightly colored and are perfect even for hanging atop a console table or buffet. This would be perfect if paired with plain colored furniture pieces. Check out more Postage Stamp Rug collections HERE.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

A Dining and Pool Table in one

One of the biggest problems that I encountered last year was where to store a pool table at a client’s house when it was not in use. The house doesn’t have much to speak for in terms of storage so we had to make something built-in on the wall to make an alternative storage space. I wish I had seen this Fusion Table from Aramith at that time. This would have been an easy fix to my dilemma.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Source: digsdigs

Saturday, January 14, 2012

29 ways to stay creative


Here’s a little something to stay creative. I found myself nodding in some of the points here, as for the others, it would be great to try each one.


KMP Furniture: Re-envisioning Modern Classics

Modern furniture classics looks like they’ll be around for some more time. They’re perfect for modern, contemporary and even retro homes. I love them more than period furniture pieces. I also love the creativity that some designers have when trying to re-vamp these modern furniture pieces. I’ve seen patterns and embellishments as accents. These style upgrades from KMP Furniture however takes the cake for me. The design accents sort of gives it an embroidered look.

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Source: Trendir

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Designer Resolutions

This is the first time I’ve drafted resolutions specifically for my profession and although we’re already 10 days into the New Year, it’s never too late right? So here goes...



I’ve noticed a decline in my productivity rate throughout the years, back from when I was still doing freelance projects up until I’ve started working for a design firm. I guess the main culprit here is the internet. It’s too distracting for me, there’s just too many social network sites and webpages for me to get lost into. However, I’m working on this now. I’ve installed a desktop app called Focus Booster. It works based on the Pomodoro principle where you get a certain amount of time (25 minutes) of unfocused work then a break (5 minutes) in order to be more productive. I’ve tweaked mine a bit, it’s now reading 45 minutes of pure work then a 15 minute break.

Procrastinating is one of the pitfalls of productivity and I’m trying to veer away from it. Sometimes it’s just so easy to lose focus and get side-tracked with all the other things that you want to get done other than the work at hand. In reality, this is just delaying productivity. I’m not going to have any more of that.



Before I used to devote time really browsing through design magazines and looking at online design sites, now however I’m finding so little time to do so. I’m going to change that too. I plan to dutifully update my design picture library every week so that I’ll get exposed to newer design trends and materials. I’ll also devote time enhancing my skills in terms of manual and CAD drawing skills. I need more improvement when it comes to my 3d modelling works.



Just yesterday I saw a “spidey-themed” bathroom in one of the picture aggregator sites that I frequent and I was suddenly struck with inspiration. I should try my hand at designing particularly unique spaces that will not only exercise my brain for thinking up the design concept but also get the creative juices flowing. Bottomline is, I really want to challenge myself more.



We all get down days and the past year was particularly hard for me so I was having designer’s block a lot. I lost my desire and passion to create amazing interiors. Since the new year offers a fresh start, I’m shaking off the bad vibes and starting anew. I’m hoping to regain my passion back. There’s no better day than to start now.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Arc-box to Keep you Organized

Remember those architects’ names that you had to memorize during college? Well, here’s a fun way of never forgetting them. I love Cesar Cheng’s papercraft project at Behance. He’s turned famous Architects into pen organizers. It’s simple as downloading a pdf of the box design and simply assembling it yourself and viola.

The pdf of the designs will be posted soon, so better keep an eye on Cheng’s page.

Photobucket Photobucket

A Greener Starbucks

Up to now, Starbucks has been my go-to for a coffee fix. I’m also currently enjoying my brand new planner courtesy of the said store. I’m glad to report that my favorite coffeeshop has also taken a step towards a greener environment with its store at Tukwila, Washington. The shop is made of shipping containers and is functioning as a drive-thru with al fresco seating. The design was made by in-house Starbucks architects.


It’s also happy to note that the store has passed LEED green building standards. Cheers! Here’s to pioneering the green revolution. Let’s hope this catches on to other coffeeshops and retail establishments.


Source: Inhabitat

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Colorful Kids’ Bathroom Furniture from Laufen

I would have loved to have a nice kid’s bathroom like these but sadly during that time, designers weren’t keen on designing solely for children. Nowadays though, designs for children are becoming more and more innovative.


Florakids from Laufen is just the perfect example. It’s kinda hard envisioning this for the home because it wouldn’t be practical to be changing the entire bathroom again once the kids have grown up BUT if you have the money to burn, then why not.


I would suggest these be applied to daycare centers and childrens’ schools instead. Wouldn’t these make the kids more happy and lively?



Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dream Office: The new Google HQ Offices by Penson

Happy New Year! Hopefully 2012 is gonna be a good year for all of us. On a side note, I’ll strive to update this blog more this year too.

If there’s one type of interior space that I would like to design more of this year, it would be of corporate offices. Penson designed a great Google HQ that someday I would like to draw inspiration from. Take a look at some of these photos.


I love the general color scheme of gray, red and white. There’s also unconventional pieces of furniture scattered around to encourage creative and impromptu meetups.


Again, the color scheme is carried out at the workstations. I love the simplicity of the work desks, which might encourage cleanliness to the employees. The elongated hallway is dressed up with the floor pattern of the carpet, which breaks up the tunnel effect.


If I worked there, I’d probably be frequenting this area for coffee breaks. Being the lover of coffee that I am, this is such one cozy nook to relax in.


Informal collaborations are strongly encouraged in this office. I love that the whole design of the interior takes from the concept of veering away from traditional office environments. This one is at a public corner hallway.

I just noticed that the overall look of the office might be leaning towards the masculine side, that’s just about the only thing that could have been improved upon. It would have been nice if it also had some feminine elements blended into the existing masculine aspects of the design. Otherwise, it still makes my list of being one of my dream offices.

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