Allie’s Apartment in What’s Your Number

A few days ago, I just got around to watching the movie What’s Your Number. It’s such a fun fun movie that kept me laughing so much. It was great although I felt that the ending was a bit rushed. Anyway, this post is not a movie review, but I really like Allie’s (Anna Faris) apartment. Her character’s personality is a bit on the artsy side, she’s also very much into fashion. You can immediately tell how feminine the apartment is as opposed to Colin’s (Chris Evans) very masculine one. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a clean screenshot of that.
See that wrought iron detail at the computer desk? I love that. It’s the design also reminiscent of Allie’s headboard and footboard. There’s also a gallery of art pieces/ clips tacked on a board beside the computer table.
Although the bed would have been much better centered on the two windows but I think since the room was too small and they wanted to squeeze in that occasional chair on the side in the shot, this works as well too.

How about you? Seen any movies with great interiors?
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  1. I have to agree with you. The bed's positioning ruins the whole room. It should've been centered between the windows, the small table to the corner, and the chair gone.

  2. I watch this TV series often and I like how funny the plot is. There was a time when they needed an Orlando air conditioning but didn't do anything because of some errand which turned out to be prank.


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