Designing the perfect nursery room

One of my favorite shows nowadays is Modern Family and it just cracks me up. Whenever I come home from work and I need to chill out, watching an episode or two does the trick. There is a gay couple there who has adopted an asian baby named Lily. Writing this post made me think about that first episode where they first took her home to her very own room and sure enough, there’s a touch of the gay dads in the room. It looked like this...


Sans the mural on the left wall, this nursery room looked really cozy and pretty in pink. If I would design my own nursery room, I’d go something along this lines too with a bit of tweaking. However, before you get caught with decorating the room with all the cute stuff and decor patterns you can find, remember that the most important thing to consider is the baby’s comfort.

There’s a lot of science devoted to the toys that are especially for newborns but let’s face it, babies can’t really tell you in words when they are uncomfortable. They’ll just cry a lot, leaving you guessing what it could be. Since baby will be spending most of his/her in the crib, it is best to purchase the best mattress possible.

Do your research. One thing you would probably like to look into are organic crib mattress reviews. Since the world of design and fashion are leaning towards a greener perspective, this might be a good idea. What are the advantages of an organic crib mattress?

  • Since it’s organic, you’re sure that it has not been exposed to toxins or chemicals.
  • They are stain, water and microbe resistant.
  • They lower the risk of SIDS-related death which is every mom’s nightmare.

While doing your research you might also stumble upon the standards for crib mattresses. I know this may be a deviation from what you’re traditionally accustomed to but I think that it’s time that homeowners should also get involved in finding out what new trends are out there for the home.

Going back to your nursery design, make sure there’s ample storage for toys, diaper changes and clothes. Keep them organized as much as possible. Make it a good place for you to relax in too and you won’t be able to if there’s so much clutter. Keep the patterns at a minimum too because not only are they very distracting but it might make the baby too restless.

Here’s a picture of a nursery room that I like too. See that it’s very gender-neutral and the patterns are at a minimum with organized storage options. Again, baby’s comfort first. Invest on a really good mattress then the design could follow.


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