Free Android Apps for Designers: Design Dimensions


I discovered this handy app while browsing through several at the Android market. While my profession requires me to be more than familiar with the standard dimensions of furniture pieces and appliances there are also times when my mind draws a blank. I do refer to the internet or a book of graphic standards from time to time.


This app however will be very useful in the field. It is divided into categories and the items are illustrated with the proper dimensions. The entries are searchable as well. The app is not intended just for architects and designers, they’re also for engineers, students and homeowners who would like to familiarize themselves with the standards.


hi-124-3Android Market Link


  1. This is nice, very creative and useful, I love it, I also design and this one helps me Love it!

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  2. These are pretty awesome. This is even better than paint because you can use the power of the touchscreen.
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  3. This is indeed a brilliant application for designers. I hope it will help me learn those designing skills as well.


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