Thursday, December 23, 2010

Unique and unusual Rugs

Geographic Rug by Laurens van Wieringen

3d-colorful-pixel-carpet 3d-carpet-landscape

Belt Rug from BranchHome

recycled-leather-belt-matrecycled-leather-belt-flooring LED Rug by Johanna Hyrkas

light-up-glowing-carpet lighting-electric-carpet-lampvia Dornob

Puzzle-type Furniture

Modi System from Moredesign

Each sofa frame has kind of cubby holes where you can put cushion elements to make various configurations.

modular-3d-color-furniture modular-black-white-pieces

Philippe Nigro sofas

I love that these interconnecting sofas have unconventional shapes and that microsuede upholstery looks like it will be lovely to touch.

couch-sofa-set-combination combined-couches-design

Tetris furniture by Diego Silverio

True to tetris forms, these cubes can be arranged according to your fancy plus the colors provide an interesting design uniqueness.

modular-transforming-storage-unit-design modular-transforming-tetris-furniture-storage1

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When Suppliers cross the Line

In practicing Interior Design as a profession, there are several people that you need to interact with in order to get the project done. One there's the Architect, next will be the Project Engineer and the Project manager and lastly the Suppliers. All of us answer to the big boss, the Client. All of us must work in harmony to ensure good workflow and great coordination for the project's success.

What happens when everything is going smoothly? Everything will be on schedule, as predictably as with good professionals working together on a project. But almost always, the course of a project schedule never does run smooth. There are unavoidable snags along the way.

But sometimes the speedbumps ARE very frustrating.

Take for instance what happened at work the other day.

We had a granite countertop requirement quoted at Samitrade. Yes take note of that supplier. I am now officially putting them on a blacklist. We waited two days before they faxed us back a quotation. It was fine at first until we had to request for a revision. We needed to omit an item out of the quotation, see the new total for the final items and then make a deposit. They told us that they can't send us the revised quotation because their encoder was absent. Try again tomorrow.

So okay, the next day we followed up again. Same thing, the encoder was absent, still no revised quotation. I was thinking, what the hell? This encoder holds the entire business. Without him/her there's no quotations, no business happening. Since we were pressed for time and this granite order was starting to cause delays, we just offered to just cross out the item from the original quotation, sign it and then make a deposit. They consented to this but when we asked for the bank account details, again we were slammed down.

That did it. They can't even give us the bank account details over the phone, the reason? They have too much work to do. WTH?!!! That really blew my gasket. I asked to speak to the manager or the supervisor. The girl I was talking to hung up on me.

Is this the proper way for suppliers to treat designers??

How rude!

One, we asked nicely. Two, we waited patiently. Three, we were about to pay.

Strike three if you ask me.

Sink + Bathtub Combination..hmmm

Form follows function. That has always been one of the first design concepts that one needs to learn in design school. It is important, yes. BUT one also needs to consider aesthetics.


This design is a bathtub and a sink all in one. One, it looks too bulky and not sleekly designed. Yes I can see the sink, but I’m assuming that the entire top swivels via motor for it to be transformed into a tub. Hmmm, slightly weird. What happens when the mechanism breaks? You can’t take a bath anymore? For a function that is ambitious and would have been useful, I think this design should go back to the drawing board.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A colored tub? Don’t mind if I do.

Allia has launched this beautiful acrylic tub in that oh so divine red color. Looks awesome doesn’t it? Measuring at 192.5 x 95.5 x 60 cm, this tub is not ideal for a small bathroom. It’s best placed in the middle where it can stay as a strong focal point. No other colors needed for the tiles, just keep everything in the background neutral and the red would be a stand-out.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Library Exhibitable

This is a concept design by designers Lu Chieh-Hua & Cheng Tzu-Hao that would work well in homes and in retail spaces.

exhibit-white-wood-tableAlthough honestly, I think it would work best in a bookstore than in the home. Think about it, if placed in a room, it occupies too much space and you can’t place too many books on it. Yes it’s great for a collections showcase but if it had any other functionality then this would have been a great design.


Gotta love them doilies

When my mom taught me how to crochet back in highschool, I grew obsessed for a short time with making doilies. Up until now, even thought I’ve stopped doing crochet, I’m still fascinated by the patterns.

That’s why when I saw the Granny Wall Shelf, designed by Beerd Van Stokkum, I’m in awe.

grannySee? Aren’t they pretty. They’re made of steel with the patterns laser cut into it. 

granny12 No worries with unsightly screws here. The support is heavily concealed.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chest of Letters

I found this chest of drawers designed by Kent and London very vintage and rustic looking. Still I wouldn’t mind having this in my room. The design was inspired by vintage printing blocks. I must say, it’s very quirky but in a nice and pleasant way.


Monster Chairs

While making a furniture chart at work, I happened to chance upon this picture in one of the pages of my google searches. The idea is pretty cool but I don’t think that these are manufactured, just edited on Photoshop. Still, pretty good stuff.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

The UPIDAA first general assembly

I was invited to attend an alumni meeting yesterday at Kenny Roger’s Roasters Katipunan. To tell you the truth, I really wasn’t expecting much but hey it was an excuse to get off work early so I went. I wanted to see old batchmates and my former professors so that we can catch up.

I was mildly surprised at how big and how cozy this branch of Kenny’s was. I haven’t been there since my college days and it has changed A LOT!

IMG_0002-002 IMG_0003-003 IMG_0005-004 Looks like I found a new writing haven here. Plus it’s also close to where I’m working so it’s no hassle to swing by there after work to work on my blogposts.

Only a few came for the alumni meetup, I guess this was largely to the fact that it was a workday and not everyone can skip work. I was lucky because my boss is also a fellow alumna and she agreed to attend too.

IMG_0006-005My best friend brought her daughter along and she’s gotten so cute and big! I couldn’t resist not taking a photo of her while she’s eating a cookie.

IMG_0007-006IMG_0011-009IMG_0009-008  The afternoon was both promising and productive. We were oriented to what the future plans are and the activities that we can all be involved in to help make a difference and contribute to our Alma Mater. The big surprise here was that I was elected to be in the board of members. Hooray! I was flattered that they saw me as capable as well as responsible enough to handle the extra duties. Of course, I want to help in all the ways that I can despite my already full plate.

After that meetup, I was more inspired than ever and I’m eager to help this project along. It’s such an honor to be working with such brilliant minds in my industry and if we see this through, this is the start of something amazing in the future.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh so pretty Candles!

One can never have too many candles, that’s what I always say. Especially when they come in these neat, unique and irresistible packages.

Candles from Perch!

 093495_001_b 19632611_066_b

093494_030_b 690204_snt_b

Candles from Anthropologie

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Ice Lounge

Claudio Colucci had the whole eating ice cream experience in mind when he designed the Ice Lounge. I love that it looks like the curled shaped of an ice cream when you’re scooping it from it’s container. The lounge has a built-in music system and chromatherapy that can make eating your fave ice cream a much MUCH more pleasurable experience. Now I wouldn’t mind sitting in one of these.


Easy to Read Information Resource Hub

I've been blogging quite seriously for more than a year now. What started out as a de-stressing medium for me has become now a very enjoyable and rewarding hobby. Everyday I make it a point to write in one of my blogs. I honestly can say that my day doesn't feel complete without me publishing anything. This is how blogging has become such a big part of my everyday life.

That's why I make it a point to scour the internet for tidbits of relative and interesting information so that I can deliver and write fresh content into my blog. I came across this blog entitled with "My world this moment" splashed across it's first page and upon looking at its sleek page interface I think it does well with delivering fresh news from all over the world because for one, there's not too many distracting ads around. That's usually a turn-off for me.

The blog has a cool cyan and light gray theme which is very easy on the eyes. The posts are neatly allotted a column that is just the right size. The articles are very well written and coupled with one or two pictures to make them more interesting. There's a lot you can find here and you can lose more than a few hours just browsing through the articles page after page.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Furniture Origami

Time to take your designing skills to the next level! Make origami! Or you can also use recycled paper to help save the planet while having fun. :)

furniture origami phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg


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