Transforming Furniture

Really Clever! These are some pieces of furniture that can be used in several ways. I found most of them from Urbanist's article and I've added a few of my own.

1 sofa+lounger+chair by Roel Verhagen-Kaptein

 2 wall art+chair by Studio Dror

 3 Mealbox by Igland Design

 4 side table + bookshelf by Bertrand Pinceman

 5 cabinet+kitchen+dining table

 6 Tona Chair designed by Diego Gonazalez King.

 7 Ilo by Carmela Niederhauser & Nadine Grau - designed to be converted from infant to teen years


8 one complete bedroom package in a box




to see how this was assembled, click the link for the video...

Many thanks to Weburbanist and to Yanko.


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