Pantone 2016 Color of the Year

I’ve always been excited towards the year end to see what Pantone will announce as its Color of the Year for the coming New Year. For the first time, it has recently announced the blending of two colors to dictate color trends in fashion and in design. The chosen colors are Rose Quartz and Serenity.

The Reinvented Caffe Chair

During my university days, we had a modern furniture classics class. I used to be at the library browsing dozens of books written about them. I read about the Classic Masters and I couldn’t get enough of the galleries upon galleries of photos on these wonderful chairs. One of them was Michael Thonet’s Caffe Chair. It was easily one of the most recognizable furniture and they remind one of a picturesque afternoon at a coffee shop sipping wondrous coffee.

Water Drop Lights from Esque Studio

Yesterday, I bought a very expensive fountain pen ink to use in my dip pen calligraphy. The ink gives glorious amber to orange tones and I’m totally in-love with it. So I think, I’m going through an amber phase. Naturally, when I saw these gorgeous drop lights, I immediately bookmarked it to share with you. These are the Water Drop Pendant Lights from Esque Studio.

Well, Hello there. Nice to Meet you Again.

 photo Hiatus-banner.jpg


Wow, I just took a look at my last post in this blog and the last time I wrote was in January??!! Oh my. Time to sweep away the cobwebs and blow off the dust. Hello, I’m back from my hiatus. Oh boy, it really takes a long while for me to get back on my feet again. How have you guys been? I have several plans for a makeover of this blog but I can’t seem to find enough free time to do it and now with the Holy Week break almost over, we’ll be back to the work grind once again.

The Nessie Ladle

I love soups! They’re very easy to cook and when paired with the right entree, it could open to a very delightful meal. What I hate though is everytime I serve soup, there’s that chance that the ladle will slip sideways and end up inside the pot. It’s icky to fish it out. Look how nifty this ladle is. It’s also very very cute!


Space Invaders Pillow

One of the most classic arcade games is Space Invaders and for a geekette like me. Having a pillow made from one of the pixel aliens tickles my funny bone. It measures 17.75″ x 13″ x 4″ and great as an accent pillow. Want this for yourself? Click on the PRODUCT LINK.


The Abyss Table Concept

I’ve seen so many table designs online and at furniture stores I’ve been to but there are a few that I would want to have in my future home. The Abyss Table caught my eye not just because of its colors but also of the inspiration it came from. The design is intended to mimic the look of a geological map, the map of an ocean floor to be exact. See?

Infographic: Interior Design Through the Decades

I found this great infographic about modern furniture styles that were grouped by color. The infographic also teaches some basic identifiers for each style.


Interior Design through the Decades

The infographic was made by Ken Golen Design and was found in

Steelcase Gestures Launch Event

Last month, I had the privilege to attend the launch of Steelcase Gestures, an event which was organized by Ultra Modular Concepts. Before the launch event though, we sat down for an amazing talk first. I learned the methodology behind the design concept and process for each product produced at Steelcase. The methods can also be applied when designing for corporate interiors. I learned too just how much a person’s habits determine how much passion he could put into his work.

How to Shrink an Autocad File Size

Here’s one of the tricks I learned when I attended the Autodesk Solutions Day held last month at the Hotel Intercontinental. One problem that we’ve been having at the office is having Autocad Files that are too big to be sent via email. We figured that this problem could be because as soon as we finish a layout, this has to be sent to consultants, who will then generate plans of their own. The back and forth between the offices probably adds proxies that contribute to a huge file size. Take a look.
So how do you shrink an Autocad file size this big? First, you must have an Autodesk Exchange account. Signing up for one is free. Then you can download Zombie Killer, which is a free third-party plug-in.
How can you tell if your file has unnecessary cluster of proxies? Well, as soon as you open a file, you’ll see this dialog window.

Autodesk Solutions Day 2014

Last month I got to attend the Autodesk Solutions event. It was held at the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Intercontinental in Makati. I fully expected it to be an event with so few in attendance but to my surprise, there were a lot of people at the event. During the calltime for registrations, the lines was already very long.

5 Modern and Quirky Bird Feeders

For me, a garden won’t be complete without the sound of birds chirping and insects buzzing about. It really IS something to wake up to the sound of chirping birds in the morning. Here are some modern and quirky bird feeders to help attract birds to your garden.
Bird Cafe Feeder, $14.99,
I love that this bird feeder took its inspiration from modern architecture.

Camper Salt Shakers

Whenever I dine out or attend a food event, I usually don’t bother much with salt or pepper. I do however, take notice of them and their presentation on the table. I’m used to restaurants to not give much thought when it comes to the salt and pepper shakers that they put on their table. However, had they bothered to put something memorable? Then you can be sure that it will surely go on one of the social media accounts of their guests. Free media exposure wouldn’t you say?

SMEG Takes on a Retro Look

If I were to build my dream kitchen someday, I’ll be sure to fill it with colorful and wow-worthy kitchen appliances. With the vintage look making so much buzz in the design world now and then, SMEG is really going the right path design-wise.

The Adorable Puppy Sofa by Monocomplex

It’s no secret especially to my close friends and to those who follow my lifestyle blog, Cher Cabula’s Mindbox, that I’m a huge dog person. Seriously. I live with 13 dogs and we treat them like family. This is why when I saw this Puppy Sofa from Monocomplex, I couldn’t help but take notice.

Needlepoint Make-over for the Eames Aluminum Chair

Just when I thought I’ve seen every re-imagining of modern furniture classics, this gorgeous make-over of the Eames Aluminum Chair is the prettiest I’ve seen yet. It made me think about the embroidery project I did in high school before.